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genesis group

Alternative Engery & Project Specialists

Genesis Group is a diversified American oil & gas and environmental services company with headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. 


Genesis has a global portfolio of conventional, alternative and renewable energy resource development opportunities. 


Additionally, we have a network of proven energy related equipment and service providers and environmental technologies to remediate and recycle energy waste material to apply to our resource development opportunities. 


With more than 200 years of combined experience, we can provide significant value to a wide range of energy investment opportunities.

alternative energies

Genesis’ business philosophy is to fully integrate its activities in the country and work not as a foreign entity but as a local company dedicated to the advancement of the country’s energy and environmental sector.


Genesis Group has created a portfolio of the latest technologies and services. Implementation of which ensures the efficient management of natural resources while keeping the environment safe and the biological and cultural diversity in tact.

infrastructure, oil & gas

Genesis entered the former Soviet Union in early 1989 for the purpose of pursuing oil and gas joint ventures. It was the first Western corporation to enter into an oil development joint venture in the Stavropol region of southern Russia.


In 1998 Genesis established offices worldwide and developed strategic alliances with the world’s leading technology developers and equipment suppliers to provide its customers with a full line of services.

daniel D roscom


Established in 1989, Daniel is the President and CEO of Genesis Group Inc. USA's global operation

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