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Leading Provider of Services to Private High & Ultra-High Wealth Clients



FX Transactions

Cash & Instrument Trade

Specialised International Private Client Paymaster

Structured Private Banking Facilities

International Property & Project Funding

Alternative Oil & Gas Projects

Banking & Finance Sector Consulting

Australian Government Registered Lobbyist






Grains & Oils

Industrial Oils

Coal & Iron Ore

**all subject to availability and market conditions


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Bushido International provides the highest level of professionalism and integrity to our Private Clients.


High-Wealth & Ultra-High Wealth Individuals and large Corporations substantially benefit from the highest level of confidentiatly when requiring the services of a global network of highly skilled professionals.

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For confidential professional guidance from global experts in assisting high-wealth and ultra-high wealth clients, please complete the below private message area with a very brief understanding on what you wish to discuss only. You will be personally contacted to discuss matters further.


Do not provide detailed confidential transaction information.

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